DOC/EDA Investment for Public Works and Economic Development Facilities

OVERVIEW: Economic Development Administration (EDA) provides assistance to support the construction or rehabilitation of essential public infrastructure and facilities necessary to generate or retain long-term private sector jobs and investments, attract private sector capital, and promote regional competitiveness. Grants may be used for projects such as expanding and upgrading infrastructure to attract new industry, supporting technology-led development, redeveloping brownfield sites, promoting eco-industrial development, and supporting heritage preservation development. Generally, EDA investment assistance may not exceed 50% of the project cost. Projects may receive an additional amount that shall not exceed 30%, based on the relative needs of the region in which the project will be located, as determined by EDA.  Additional financial limitations may apply depending on the recipient.

TIMETABLE: EDA regional offices accept applications for Public Works investments on an ongoing basis. Accepted applications will then be reviewed at the national level.

APPLICATION PROCESS: See the EDA’s Application Requirements page for details.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: See the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance entry on this program and contact your regional EDA office.

TAGS: structural, funding