DOC/EDA Technical Assistance Grants

OVERVIEW: The Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA) provides technical assistance to promote economic development and alleviate unemployment, underemployment, and out-migration in distressed regions. The technical assistance (divided into three sub-divisions: national, local, and university center) is used to provide information, data, and know-how in evaluating, shaping and implementing specific projects and programs that promote economic development in economically distressed regions.  University center projects provide management and technical assistance services to communities, counties, districts, nonprofit development groups, and technology transfer assistance to firms. Local technical assistance projects help to determine the economic feasibility of various local development projects involving industrial, commercial, and other activities. National technical assistance projects may fund reports on innovative economic development or the dissemination of economic development information. A recipient that is a non-profit organization must work in cooperation with a political subdivision of a state unless EDA waives that requirement because the project has a significant regional or national scope.

TIMETABLE: Check EDA’s Federal Funding Opportunity page for availability.

APPLICATION PROCESS: See the EDA’s Application Requirements page for details.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: See the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance entry for this program.

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