USDA / NRCS Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP)

OVERVIEW: The US Department of Agriculture’s – Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) provides direct funding and technical assistance to undertake emergency measures that will safeguard lives and property from floods, drought, and the products of erosion. This should be used on any watershed whenever fire, flood or other natural occurrence is causing or has caused a sudden impairment of the watershed. Resources can be used to remove debris from streams, protect destabilized streambanks, establish cover on critically eroding lands, repairing conservation practices, and the purchase of floodplain easements (specifics available on the NRCS site). The measures must be environmentally and economically sound and generally benefit more than one property owner. NRCS provides up to 75% of the funds needed to restore the natural function of a watershed and up to 90% in limited resource areas. The community or local sponsor of the work pays the remaining cost-share, which can be provided by cash or in-kind services.

TIMETABLE: Applications should be submitted following severe damage to the watershed. Individual land owners may apply through a project sponsor.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Contact your local USDA Service Center or NRCS Field Office or your NRCS State Office for details on how to apply.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please see the program’s homepage.

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